the company's main products are high and low voltage capacitor, reactor, active filter, thyristor switch, electrical, instrumentation, fast arc protector, etc.
Low filter compensation Products
Active Filter Products
High pressure filter compensation Products
Intelligent digital instrumentation product line
Intelligent arc protection system
 ESBELZD Intelligen…
 reactive (filter) …
 ESBELXH dry high p…
 Intelligent arc pr…
 Miniaturized cylin…
 Active filters
 ESBEL high voltage…
 ESBELg3000 integra…

Work experience is rich


Successful service to a number of
well-known enterprises

companies in the world's 10 factories and offices in several countries and regions
global customer
company's global sales of 3 billion euros in 2012.

Advanced construction technology and first class design


Create a high standard, personalized

Can undertake various industries (such as: electrical engineering automation production line industry, automobile industry, municipal building, metallurgy of iron and steel, etc.)
Have the industry qualification certificate of the engineer team, design professional, personalized
The construction of the project reached the international advanced level

High quality electrical
engineering equipment


Guarantee the international quality,
the best price

the company's main products are high and low voltage
capacitor, reactor, active filter, thyristor switch, electrical,
instrumentation, fast arc protector, etc.

Perfect after sales service system


Cover the world, let you no worries

First cooperation, free special service for 1 years
Professional team within 24 hours to provide free training, maintenance services
Regular return visits to old customers, listening to customer feedback, timely follow-up and maintenance
Detailed solutions for the automotive industry
Automated production line solution
Municipal Building Solutions
Metallurgical Iron and steel industry solutions
IT/ communications / banking solutions
Petroleum and chemical industry solution
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Essenbell Energy Autocontrol Inc is a high-tech company founded after the overall relocation of Eisenberg electric from Denmark to the United States. The company is headquartered in Colorado, the United States. It cooperates with Risoe laboratories in Denmark and LBNL laboratories in the United States in product research and sales of power transmission and distribution. At present, our main products include power capacitor, filter reactor, thyristor switch, reactive power controller, APF, SVG, hybrid compensation device, etc. Is an international well-known power quality product supplier, the company has representative offices and branches in more than 30 countries around the world, serving global users!

With the progress of human science and technology, a large number of energy-saving equipment such as frequency converter are constantly applied, which causes more and more harmonics on the power grid, and the harm of harmonics is more and more prominent. For example, harmonics can cause the loss of transformers and lines, the damage of electrical equipment, the immobility of precision instruments, and the emergence of serious fire, explosion and other dangerous situations, resulting in great safety The hidden danger has attracted the attention of customers all over the world. Through stable and reliable products and optimized power quality scheme, Essenbell Energy Autocontrol Inc can effectively reduce power consumption loss, reduce and eliminate harmonic hazards.

Essenbell (Tianjin) electric equipment Co., Ltd. is the representative office of Essenbell Energy Autocontrol Inc. in China, which is fully responsible for the brand management of the company in China and Southeast Asia, as well as the sales and after-sales service of products. The company takes "integrity, responsibility, innovation, team" as its pursuit and goal, and is willing to work with the majority of users to create a better tomorrow!

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email:    address: 1942 Broadway Street STE 314C Boulder CO 80302 United States